Sunrise over Pantelimon. September 2011

Șoseaua Colentina. December 2012

Apartment blocks in Colentina. December 2012

Apartment blocks in Pantelimon. April 2011

Market hall Piaţa Delfinului (Dolphin's Market), commonly called Circul Foamei (Hunger Circus) with Lake Fundeni behind. April 2011

Aerial view of Colentina tower blocks and houses hidden behind. December 2012

Tram stop at Obor junction. December 2012

Display boards tracking pollution levels in the market of Drumul Taberei. December 2012

Election banners on Strada Doamna Ghica. December 2012

Outside Piaţa Delfinului in Pantelimon. September 2010

Outside Piaţa Delfinului in Pantelimon. September 2011

Primary School in Sector 2. September 2011

Outside Piaţa Delfinului in Pantelimon. September 2011

Between the blocks. Berceni. December 2012

Ground floor apartment converted into a grocery shop. Berceni, December 2012

Elderly woman relaxing on a bench outside a block of flats in Pantelimon. September 2011

Șoseaua Pantelimon. September 2011

Pensioner Maria Olariu. Sector 2. September 2011

Manual Worker. Șoseaua Dudești-Pantelimon. September 2011

Woman outside her trailer house in Pantelimon. September 2011

Summer evening pastime: men playing backgammon in Park Morarilor. September 2011

Outdoor gym in Park Titan. December 2012

Fishing on Lake Tei. December 2012

Grape sellers from Piaţa Dobroești. September 2011

Young man from Piaţa Delfinului. September 2011

Sunday Football in Aurel Vlaicu. September 2011

Behind the blocks in Sector 2. September 2011

Lake Dobroești. In the background - Pantelimon tower blocks on the left and new development in Dobroești and Fundeni on the right. April 2011

Fishing on Lake Dobroești. October 2011

Ion, cow shepherd from Dobroești. October 2011

Sunday afternoon by Lake Dobroești. October 2011

Aerial view of the blocks of flats in Pantelimon and rural houses in neighbouring Ostrov. December 2009

Panoramic view of the surroundings of Șoseaua Iancului. In the background - People's Palace towering over the city. April 2011

Adrian writing a letter to a friend. Ferentari. October 2011

Madalin outside his block in Ferentari. September 2011

Ionuț. Aleea Livezilor in Ferentari. September 2011

Ferentari, behind the blocks. September 2011

Housing in Ferentari. September 2011

Children playing football in Ferentari. September 2011

Ferentari. September 2011

Outside a block of flats in Berceni. December 2012

Façade of a block of flats in Sector 2. September 2010

Trees and Dacia cars. Drumul Taberei, December 2012.

The Social Liberal Union calls "for a strong Romania". Sector 2, December 2012

Housing near Prelungirea Ferentari. October 2011

Delta Văcărești with Berceni blocks in the background. December 2012

Sunday afternoon on Lake Morii Island. November 2012

Teenagers enjoying a warm evening by Lake Morii. November 2012

Abandoned house nearby Lake Morii. December 2012

Delta Văcărești with a makeshift house of a Roma family in the foreground. In the background - a new development of Asmita Gardens tower blocks. December 2012

Covering the area of about 190 acres, filled with swamps, reed, wild bushes and waste lands, Delta Văcărești is a peculiar wild nature sanctuary situated in between the blocks.

Angling in Lake Văcărești, home of numerous bird species. December 2012

Frozen lake in Park Titan. January 2013

Sunset over Ferentari. October 2011

Panoramic view of Giurgiului with Progresul Thermal Power Station in the background. December 2012

Blocks near Strada Fizicienilor, Sector 3. December 2012

Vitan Industrial Complex seen from Strada Fizicienilor. December 2012

Snowed under in Pantelimon. December 2012

Frosty morning on Strada Doamna Ghica. December 2012

Cățelu, the edge of the city. January 2013